Asset Tracking

Have you suffered from having your business essential tools stolen, or are simply unable to identify where valuable & attractive assets are in your business?

Bloodhound Tracker by Enabld

Bloodhound gives you the ability to register and track tools or any other asset using the latest developments in mobile and tag technology.

Lost or stolen tools can have a devastating impact on your business and across Australia tradespeople are losing millions of dollars each year. Bloodhound powered by Enabld can help protect your investment.

Enabld built Bloodhound Tracker to help you register and track your tools with use cases built around reduction of insurance premiums, improved tool availability for your workforce, safeguarding against tool theft/loss (and improving the odds of recoverability) and tracking assets as they move around the country.

From logistics tracking to back-of-van availability scanning, never miss a crucial tool or asset again.

Simple process

Asset Identification

Uniquely identify your asset base using NFC, Barcode or QR code scanning. Add them to a central asset register available
via web and mobile app.

Setup Beacons

Configure beacons for identification, proximity detection or realtime location
tracking, supportng the latest Internet of Things (IoT) protocols and view your assets directly in the Bloodhound app.

Define Rules

Create scanning rules to report unexpected asset movements according to their proximity to scanning devices (including your own phone), allowing you to keep tabs on assets that go with you as well as in your work locations. Define notifications for in-app or email delivery.

Use your phone to scan for assets that move with you or let your fixed point scanners and wireless enabled beacons do the work for you. 

Get notified whenever you need to take acton.

Supports multiple beacon technologies

NFC, QR Code & Barcode

Physical Scan (<1m)

Attach NFC tags, QR code or barcodes to your tools and assets to give them a
unique identity.

Use tags to create a catalogue of items which are easily identifiable without searching.

Bluetooth LE Proximity

Presence Scan (0-100m)

Attach BLE beacons to tools and assets and
automatically get notified when a tolerance is exceeded.

Use BLE to keep things close or track when things depart/arrive at a location.

RTLS via LTE & IoT

Scan w/comms (km+)

Attach LTE, IoT and Satellite beacons to get Real-Time Location Services and telemetry for your mobile tools and assets.

Use RTLS for real-time tool and asset insights and constant telemetry feeds.

Near-field Communications

Quickly identify any tool or asset by tapping it with your phone, or just scan its barcode

Near-field Communication (NFC) is what we use everyday for tap-and-go payments. NFC tags are low-cost, very small and not externally identifiable (you have to scan them).

Simply attach a tag to your important tools and you’ll be able to identify them by simply holding you phone near it. Once identified, you’ll be able to view its details include its complete scan history and telemetry.

BLE Proximity Scanning

Keep things close and know when they’re not. Never be left wondering where that ... went.

Setup your regular tool kit and assets with BLE beacons and associate with your mobile phone using a set scanning range.

Perform a proximity scan before leaving for your next job and when you’re ready to head back to base, get notified of anything missing.

Never leave kit behind again and get notified if something ‘walked’ whilst you were working.

BLE Zones

Use fixed point zones to track when things leave, arrive or move between areas

Setup a fixed-point scanner to constantly poll for BLE beacon movements at a fixed location (e.g. your workshop or a building site).

Define rules to be notified when something arrives (delivery of pre-fabricated goods, tools or expensive assets) or leaves (shipped from the workshop ... or stolen!)

Be instantly aware of where all your tools and assets are with scanning ranges of over 50m.

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)

Mobile tools and assets need mobile
communications ... always watching

If you’re tracking an expensive asset or running long-haul shipments from your
factory to the building site, RTLS gives you immediate information about where things are ... and, with telemetry, how they’re moving.

Avoid delays due to lost shipments, keep a detailed history of your expensive asset
movements and get notified as assets move into or away from your configured zones.


Once you start tracking your tools and assets,
you’re building a valuable database

If you need to make a claim for loss or theft, or if you are looking to renew your insurance, you have an accurate evidence of your usage patterns, movement history and telemetry.  You will be able to accurately identify where & when your asset disappeared.

RTLS capable beacons continue to be tracked, increasing the chances of recovery and helping reduce your premiums.

The platform provides flexible options for solutions which are tailored to your asset tracking needs, whether they be logistics, theft protection, workforce efficiency or simply rapid identification and audit.

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