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Enabld is a SaaS solution, rebranded and sold through Telcos. Designed as a digital change-agent, it drives the digital transformation and cloud adoption of a Telco’s SMB service-based customers.

What does Enabld deliver?

Enabld simplifies and digitises all the SMB workflow processes – from Call to Cash, and beyond. Every step of the workflow is simplified – from enquiry through to invoicing.

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Enabld is an end-to-end suite of productivity and SaaS orchestration tools. Combining Job management tools with Asset management to automate scheduling, labour, parts and material management and full financial integration – enabling SMBs business owners and employees to quickly complete work in the field and run their businesses via a simple-to-use app.

Enabld also facilitates the creation of an integrated ecosystem – a curated peer-to-peer marketplace of strategic and commercial partnerships. Comprised of vested industry partners such as insurance, banking, accounting, equipment hire and skills-based learning organisations, the ecosystem helps service-based businesses save time, be competitive and deal more efficiently with their customers. 

With a core focus on Asset management, Enabld leverages this asset data using artificial intelligence to perform degradation and deterioration modeling and uses this data to leverage the increasing range of IoT devices in the workplace and home.

Data insights for decision making

Data is one of the most important assets for any business.  Enabld allows businesses to collect and manage data, turning it into actionable insight, foresight and prescriptions to inform decision making. From simple maintenance scheduling, to failure prediction and replacement recommendations Enabld allows telcos, eco-system partners and connected businesses to leverage the data being generated into effective decision making.

Collate eco-system wide data and turn into real-time business insights

We used the app to send 40,000 job requests to our mobile workforce, with just a click.

Rachael Keeble, CFO United Home Services

Empowering geographically dispersed workforces

  • Trade Services
  • Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers
  • Commercial Property Operations
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Labour Hire
  • Pest Control
    • Insurance Assessors
    • Franchise Operators
    • Plant Hiring & Leasing
    • Transport Operators
    • Security & Investigative Services
    • Cleaning Services
    • Utilities

      Operational Framework

      Seamless Tenancy Provisioning

      Integrate the core platform directly into a marketplace or ordering platform, allowing new customer orders or provisioning changes to be immediately actioned.

      Thin provision new customer tenancies instantly and on-demand, allowing new customers to instantly access the platform.

      Metered Usage & Billing

      Track the intra-day change in actual user accounts for each tenancy, integrating the metered usage data directly into a billing platform, incorporating SaaS fees directly on the customer bill.

      Assurance Framework & Operating Model

      Incorporate a pre-defined SaaS maintenance and management support framework into existing helpdesk and customer assurance capability, including flexibile hand-off between support tiers and ability to interlock with existing Cloud IT Operations.

      Extend the Platform with Confidence

      Leverage the sofware platform to rapidly develop new features, add-ons and integrations using a DevOps process which aligns to the Assurance model.  Incorporate new development into your support and operational management work processes, reducing change and deployment risk.

      App Features at a glance

      Manage Customer Assets

      Monitor and track the condition of assets installed and/or repaired in the field. Build an inventory of shared asset data to maintain, service and proactively communicate offers to their customers.

      Harness the Internet-of-Things to receive notification of servicing events and potential faults across the installed asset fleet, building a repository of performance and failure trends.

      Schedule & Dispatch

      Schedule and dispatch jobs according to the skills and availability of staff. Incorporate location and travel time to show distances between jobs to build complete worker diaries. Track and monitor the completion of jobs, inventory availability and asset updates in near real-time.

      Track Customers

      Keep a register of customers including locations, addresses and points of contact, and retain an accurate history of work and asset locations, even when ownership changes.

      Apply tax and invoice rules on all jobs, synchronising important data with popular cloud accouniting software packages.

      Improve response times with easy access to customer data and from office and field.

      Integration to Accounting Software

      Connect your field-service software directly to an accounting package to share common data sets such as customers, inventory and invoices.

      Create and send invoices directly to the accounting package to reconcile customer jobs and payment.

      Fast, Simple & Professional Quotes

      Create and send quotes from the field, including full labour and material estimation with customisable job templates and part kits.

      Identify when offered quotes are about to expire and be notified when quotes are approved by customers, becoming ready for scheduling, or re-draft and re-send quotes while on the job.

      Track Parts & Inventory

      Import supplier lists for access to available parts and materials when building quotes and completing jobs in the field.

      Keep track of stock quantities and consumption of parts and materials on jobs. Raise purchase orders direct to preferred suppliers.

      Create Checklists

      Create job checklists for data entry in the field, capturing general and compulsory information at certain job stages, to aid safety and compliance.

      Customise checklists by customer or job types to ensure collation of data in the field (such as metering) for customer or business assets.

      Capture Time

      Calculate effort and elapsed duration of jobs based on real-time field data. Apply SLAs to customers and job types that determine on-time performance when dispatched to workers. SLA alerts and notifications to track the status of jobs and worker response times.

      Manage & Create Jobs

      Office or mobile-based creation, scheduling, dispatch, execution and completion of jobs, using a shared work calendar to track and monitor the lifecycle of work from quotation to completion and invoicing.

      Access to shared job data, including worker notes, photos and attachments in real-time.  Built in worker notifications to streamline job management and communications between office and field.

      Track Barcodes

      Enter part, part kit or asset references using any common barcode format. RFID tagging, and scanning can also be implemented to specific requirements.

      A symbiotic ecosystem of partnerships for Telcos

      By leveraging the Enabld platform, Telcos become the nucleus of a digitally enabled SMB network.

      The Enabld software connects Telco providers with market-based suppliers, merchants and training organisations, and then on to service-based SMBs and their customers – all within one unified services ecosystem. This helps service-based businesses save time, be competitive and deal more efficiently with the digital expectations of their customers.

      Creating a Telco branded symbiotic ecosystem of partnerships