Our Solution In Use

Enabld is a SaaS solution designed to be rebranded and marketed to a Telco’s business customers, as a digital change-agent.

How Telstra (Australia) uses Enabld

In a 2017 pilot, Telstra (Australia) successfully launched its own-branded version of the Enabld platform, named Telstra Trades Assist (TTA).

By leveraging the Enabld platform, Telstra rapidly evolved a minimum viable product (MVP), that incorporated scalable infrastructure, integration, provisioning, billing and assurance, in an accelerated speed to market timeframe.

Following the pilot period, in July 2018 a 10-year exclusive deal was signed, for the Australia and New Zealand distribution of the TTA solution.

Telstra Trades Assist

The ready-made Telstra Trades Assist digital platform consists of a suite of productivity tools based on the Enabld cloud platform. Targeted at small businesses in the trade and construction sector, it enables tradespeople to quickly capture and complete work in the field, create fast, efficient workflows and deliver better.

A transformative partnership

Telstra and Enabld worked together to deliver the new service experience in less than 12 months – a vastly reduced time, as compared to the traditional product innovation and development cycle of telecom operators.

The transformative effects of the TTA platform can lift the service
level of SMBs from poor and disorganised to reliable and professional,
with remarkable service outcomes.

Telstra Trades Assist