A low-code, multi-tenant application platform for web, mobile and integration solutions, Kaskade by Enabld delivers rapid time-to-benefit for in-house systems and cloud SaaS solutions.

A Platform for Platforms

A low-code approach to building SaaS product platforms, incorporating provisioning, billing and runtime engines for web, mobile and integration services

Starting from our first foray into Cloud-hosted applications, it was apparent that optimising our development, support and delivery services was dependent upon use of a predictable, consistent, efficient and highly capable core platform.

Kaskade has been designed and built for the sole purpose of building, running and managing Cloud SaaS solutions ... and that includes multi-region, multi-product and multi-tenancy SaaS, a lot more than your basic full-stack web platform!

Now optimised for Serverless computing, it streamlines your Cloud infrastructure costs, but also supports traditional compute models (physical or virtual 'tin') and we can even drop a platform on-premise for secure enterprise solutions.

We use Kaskade to host and run our Cloud offerings.  We also use it to deliver SaaS-style and web-based applications for our customers.  It's our go to platform for rapid time-to-benefit, cost-optimising development of bespoke solutions.

Enabld loves it because we can deliver wide-ranging app capabilities using a consistent, predictable platform, with a well-understood operational and support footprint.  Essentially, we get good-practice technology built-in to every customer's success.

Our customers love it because it promotes rapid prototyping, early delivery of value, a stable & performant core technology stack, but also a highly capable, configurable software suite which supports bespoke development. 

It's more than just a library of code that we re-use.  It's the result of experience, built-for-purpose, to support our Customer's designing, building and running cloud-based applications on web & mobile.

Features for Future Cloud

More than just a web-stack with mobile APIs, Kaskade is built for SaaS delivery

The capabilities of the platform are only limited by design, whilst the core features deliver the basic tenets of a Software-as-a-Service solution, leaving you with time and energy to focus on the experience and features of your app.

Whether you're configuring data schemas, designing products for multi-tenancy with regional distribution of load, or simply looking for role based form and data access validation, Kaskade's framework accelerates the delivery cycle, bringing product to market much faster than traditional approaches.

Data center distribution

In SaaS solutions spanning multiple data-centers (or even geographies), Kaskade will automatically shard tenancies based on configured points-of-presence and limit provisioned capacity per database to ensure you avoid tenant saturation, maximising performance for all of your users.


Supports provisioning and onboarding of multiple tenancies, each providing a discrete and secure data and application area.

It allows our solutions to support large multi-user customers on a single platform ... true SaaS capability.


A single platform environment can support multiple SaaS solutions (products).  That means that even the smallest applications can be delivered efficiently and effectively by consolidating on a single technology stack.

With dedicated security for each product, you can also control which tenants and users can access which product.


Kaskade supports string dictionaries for on-screen/print labels for fields, menu items etc.  These can be exported, translated and re-imported into the platform to support build and deployment of true multi-language SaaS solutions.

Users can then select their preferred language within the user interface of the SaaS solutions, maximising their experience.

Cost Optimised

Building Kaskade included assessing options to reduce infrastructure costs associated with running SaaS solutions.

Our Servless options ensure that multi-phase and parallel processing of request-response sessions are avoided, preventing incurring double-costs for processing cycles in servless cloud environments.

"Traditional" compute and on-premise options can also be provided for "always-on" compute.

Integration & Mobile Ready

The same configuration for SaaS application pages/forms can be used to create REST-like data services, meaning that you can readily deploy integration solutions which apply the same security as user sessions, honour the configuration of multi-tenancy and multi-product, and leverage the same cost-optimised infrastructure as a SaaS application.

Template Configuration

Use simple template syntax to build complex and highly-capable web forms & pages.  Kaskade translates the templates on-demand into secure HTML & CSS, embedding data sets which are secured by tenancy and role-based access controls.

Deployment Engine

Let Kaskade track your configuration changes and help package into deployable units.  The platform will then perform deployment of packages, including all provisioned database shards, reducing the risk and effort of complex deployments.

Provision to Assure

Kaskade, backed by Enabld, can provide the complete lifecycle experience for your customers from provisioning to billing and assurance.  A single-stop solution for real SaaS solutions.

How we use Kaskade

More than just a tool, Kaskade is the framework upon which we develop our SaaS offerings for ourselves and for our customers.

Start a Project

If you're looking to stand-up any data or application services using SaaS-like features, talk to us about your needs.  

Kaskade by Enabld is a game changer in delivering applications quickly, accurately and effectively.  It also streamlines support and lifecycle management of the technology stack, bringing efficiencies to staffing and cost-performance for the lifetime of the applications.

We build using technology aligned to best practice, leveraging open standards and avoiding proprietary lock-ins which prevent customers to fully exploiting their investment in our platform.  We support open reporting, embedded analytics, hybrid cloud and app integrations.  The power of SaaS with the flexibility of a development house.

Take to the Clouds with Kaskade

If you'd like to understand more about Kaskade and how it could streamline development, delivery and management of your SaaS initiatives, get in touch, and kickstart a new cloud project today.