Cloud-based technology with on-demand availability is changing the flexibility, power and cost-effectiveness of modern applications and networked systems, increasing speed of innovation and delivering seamless experiences, boosting productivity.

Design & build cloud environments for digital transformation, migrate workloads and integrate services

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Adopting cloud technology is much more than just moving systems into cloud compute with internet networking.  The "lift and shift" paradigm rarely delivers organisations the cloud benefits they strive for without more in-depth consideration of how the on-demand nature of compute, storage, networking and security can be leverage.

Planning and design of a dynamic cloud environment, with coordinated migration of workloads, integration with existing on-premise or cloud services, and leveraging scalable cloud services can achieve early benefits including consolidation of resource, establishing platforms for innovation, and improved cost and risk exposure.

Cloud Architecture Services

Successful deployment of workloads to a secure dynamic cloud utilising compute, storage, networking & operational tools requires a clean configuration using proven architectural patterns.  Where many organisations simply "lift and shift" workloads to cloud compute nodes, Enabld works with customers to identify their cloud technology goals, ensuring that their target architecture will deliver the intended benefits whilst mitigating operational and financial risk.  

Combined with our Enterprise Consulting, Enabld can also offer complete architecture services for Solution, Integration, Information or Enterprise.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

In the cloud, a server is not a server.  Enabld understands the implications of compute consolidation, dedicated vs on-demand resource and dynamic scaling of resource to meet operating boundaries.  We therefore provide services to develop robust cloud infrastructure designs, incorporating core architectural goals of reliability, availability, recoverability and performance.

We also strive to uncover the underlying needs of a customer's workload, selecting the most appropriate compute, storage, network and security architectures for that purpose.  Whether you're looking to simply consolidate and virtualise multiple workloads, move to a container-based compute model or are looking to implement serverless compute, databases and related services, Enabld can help design a solid cloud future.

Cloud Build & Configuration

Our cloud engineers can configure (and automate) your cloud environment, ensuring it meets the objectives of the design and better supports ongoing management and cost analysis.

We also have the skills to work with you teams to build and configure hybrid cloud solutions, including low-latency network connections, secure site-to-site communications and centralisation of operational tools and processes.

Workload Reviews

If you already have workloads in the cloud, but feel that your organisation is not yet reaping the flexibility, performance, financial or other business benefits you set out to achieve, talk to Enabld about reviewing your cloud environments and existing workload configuration. 

We can also help with profile existing on-premise workloads to propose a suitable migration strategy and plan to move to the cloud.

It starts with a conversation...

... about your requirements.  We already live in the cloud, and we understand enterprise, cloud and small business workloads.   

With engineers available around the clock, proven capability in supporting environments regardless of geographic challenges, and a full-service suite of consulting & technical expertise, let Enabld help transform your cloud journey

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