Data protection and compliance is key to managing your corporate and personal risk.  In an era where desktop cloud sync is common, the real requirements of data retention, archival and assured recovery are overlooked 

Protection is more than just visibility of data at a second location.  Ensure compliance, safeguard your archives .... oh, and make sure its recoverable

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Cloud data sync has evolved from one or two niche providers into a common-place client-side software solution.  Simple replication of on-device file structures and content to cloud-delivered data stores via change-driven replication appears is now an assumed capability.

Enabld looks at specific archival and retrieval and recovery strategies, beyond simple replication needs.  If you've ever accidentally deleted a folder on your synchronised desktop, you will know the pain of finding out that its also deleted your cloud copy.  Let us help your business design a strategy for online + offline storage, archival tiers, data retention policies and - more importantly - an emergency ripcord to recover data efficiently and effectively.

Tiering and Archiving

We understand that organisations have differing record retention requirements and - often - simply copying everything to the cloud is neither required or cost effective.  Enabld will help with designing a storage system in the cloud which will take care of automatic archival (moving storage to lower-cost offline storage) when no longer required for immediate access.

You can be sure that you have a full retention of all required documents at a predictable cost.  You can even include cross-region replication to ensure that you'll still have access even in the worst of IT disaster scenarios.  Plus you can rest assured in a planned capability to retrieve any data from both online and archive file backup.

Recovery & Continuity Planning

Planning for disaster often appears excessive to smaller organisations who are happy to rely on paper records, disparate backup solutions or simply assuming an IT disaster will never happen to them. 

Enabld can assist with planning fit-for-purpose (and fit-for-scale) disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, so that you essential data (and cloud apps & services) can be recovered in a timely and consistent manner.

Don't rely on hoping for the best and downplay the potential impact of an IT disaster.  Plan for a cost-effective solution today.

It starts with a conversation...

... about your data & requirements.  We manage apps and data in the cloud every day.

We will help you safeguard your data, remain compliant with your regulatory obligations, and ensure that you have a well-planned safety net to handle IT disasters, or even those simple trash can mistakes.

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