Our full-service offering across cloud, data, security and enterprise consulting is supported by experienced resources skilled in full-stack web, back-end and mobile development, DevOps and operational management.

Developing brilliant cloud experiences with best practice architecture, data storage, encryption, analytics, networking and collaboration

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Software development is a lot more than cutting code and publishing apps.  At Enabld, we can provide development capacity or process strategy to enable your innovation.

Incorporating test coverage, build & deploy pipelines, internal and external audience engagement, user & data analytics, end-point security and encryption in-flight & at-rest is standard practice for modern development projects, but a level of diligence, quality and customer-focus often missed by low-cost outsource options, where code quality and solution completeness suffer.

UX/UI Research & Design

We can provide UX Research and Design skills from our network of skilled professionals to assist in definition and design of elegant web and app experiences, focussing on accessibility, ease of use and clarify of purpose whilst providing creative and engaging interfaces for your solutions. 

The goal-winning impression delivered by the final product starts with ensuring that your UX goals are translated into clean, brand-compatible, beautiful interfaces which provide seamless onboarding, joyful & light-touch interaction and point-of-use efficiency for all users.

Whether you source UX/UI prior to, or as part of, an Enabld engagemnt, rest assured that we recognise that web sites and apps must provide a great experience, with a clean simplicity.  A recognition which feeds our development and testing goals.

Full-Stack Web Development

Enabld offers a multi-faceted approach to full stack.  If you are looking for development smarts, we can provide skills across all platforms and multiple development technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, NodeJS, GoLang, VueJS, Flutter and Swift (to name just a few).  Alternatively, Enabld owns, develops and maintains a configurable web-application platform which provides a low-code, configuration-based alternative to bespoke development.

Talk to us about your needs in web development or request a demonstration of our modern, standards-based platform which is also available for white-label licensing as a complete product delivery platform.

Mobile App Development

Apps are pervasive in much of our everyday lives.  If you are looking to augment existing or build new app presence in the marketplace, Enabld can assist with mobile app architecture, design and development, including skills in both native and hybrid app development languages.

We also have experience in leveraging modern on-device capabilities and related services, including geolocation, mapping, voice services, notifications, bluetooth, RFID, offline usage, and analytics (and many more).

The ability to couple app development with our full-stack web platform (low-code, configurable apps and data services) means that we can often reduce the cost-barrier to enter the web + app market, whilst also reducing the time to delivery (and time to benefit).

DevOps & Lifecycle Management

Development and Operations for IT applications are intrinsically linked.  During the implementation of our own DevOps and full SDLC methodologies and systems, we've also garnered invaluable experience in providing these capabilities for our customers and can provide frameworks for transitioning between providers (e.g. from a delivery partner to onboard into an organisation).

If you are looking for a delivery partner to do some heavy lifting in managing and maintaining for apps, or are simply looking for an experienced hand to guide your first foray into DevOps and SDLC, please get in touch and let's talk about how we can work together.

Design Authority

With all IT and software projects comes complexity and a potentially bewildering array of options to consider as ideas & concepts iterate into reality. 

It is often valuable to have a second set of eyes to help with the review and determination of options, identify and mitigate potential risk, or simply be a sounding board or partner for A/B testing, focus group support, execution path review and similar initiatives which can inform whether to pivot or push on.

Talk to us to see how a part-time DA role can support you business and reduce risk & technical debt. 

It starts with a conversation...

... about your projects.  We develop platforms, apps and web solutions for customers, hobbyists, fun and learning.   

With internal and contract agency designers, developers & project leads available to undertake multi-platform design and development, Enabld can deliver your next software innovation cycle as a safe set of hands.

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